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51 days till New Year's Eve... 07/10 was the day this website was set up

Well guys, here's the deal: I'm 25 years old and still a virgin. Yes, I know, it's pretty weird... I've always been a shy guy, and as time passed I just got too old. To be honest, I'm not quite happy about this, as one would figure.

Actually, I almost lost it once. I had a girlfriend when I was 23. But in the end pretty much nothing happened - she left me for a guy that had more money than I did. I don't think I'm ugly looking, I'm just not good with this kind of stuff. And since then I also have a trauma of sorts.

Anyway. I'm going to tell you why I set up this website. I made a bet with a friend of mine (my only friend who knows about this situation, and who is, by the way, very pretty): if I get 5 million unique hits for this website until New Year's eve, she's going to "help" me. It's exactly what you're thinking! If I can't do it, I'll have to do anything she wants for a whole month.

So, I ask to whoever is reading this: tell about this website to everyone you know!! Please, help me! You just have to enter the website. I'm doing all I can. Thanks :)

07/10 Please don't use scripts! Refreshing doesn't help either! Thanks. =)